DeWitt Henry

DeWitt Henry was the founding editor of Ploughshares.  Other “Notes On…” abstract topics have appeared in Massachusetts Review (“Weather”), Brevity (“Conscience), Constellations (“Falling”) and Woven Tale Press (“Voice”).  His novel, THE MARRIAGE OF ANNA MAYE POTTS, won the Peter Taylor Prize.  He has also published two memoirs, SWEET DREAMS and SAFE SUICIDE, and a third, ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS: FAMIILY ESSAYS is just out from MadHat Press.  He is a Professor Emeritus at Emerson College.  For more see

  • Rabbit

    Regard the luckless cotton-tail,
  • On Lust

    I've outlived lust, or think I have.
  • PETITION by Joyce Peseroff reviewed by DeWitt Henry

    Carnegie Mellon University Press 2020 $15.95 78pp. paper ISBN 978-0-88748-861-6   Joyce Peseroff has been a personal friend since she…

    Issue #115 March 2021
  • On Shadows & On Risk

    Me and my shadow

    Wary of the verb  “empathize”—together with its noun “empathy” and adjective

    The racket of birdsong wakes me at 4am, before first light.

    There are firm ones.  Soft, almost boneless ones.  Hardy/hearty ones.  Two-handed ones, cocooning.  Congratulatory