Issue #115 March 2021

Chidinma Nnoli, “Daughter (Nwa Nwanyi)” (2020), from the Saint Series (Onye Di Aso)

  • Overdetermination (It’s Not as Boring As It Sounds) by David Kirby

    You want your poems to be like you: fully alive.
    Essays and Comment
  • PETITION by Joyce Peseroff reviewed by DeWitt Henry

    Carnegie Mellon University Press 2020 $15.95 78pp. paper ISBN 978-0-88748-861-6   Joyce Peseroff has been a personal friend since she…

    Book Review
  • A Girl Who Doesn’t Believe in Myths & I Have No One With Whom I Can Spit Toothpaste At Turns Into The Sink

    we went to the prophetess
  • Three Poems

    A little man was sleeping in the bright sunlight
  • Ode to Disarmament

    I am fairly sure that the leafhopper
  • An Interview with Ann Arbor by Leeya Mehta

    Summer is Coming
    Featured Selection
  • Before and Rain

    Sweatpants balled up where his legs would be,
  • Mid-March

    If, when I sit here in my study
  • Spit from the Universe Magnified

    SIN. Lust in an exotic land. A
  • Master Class

    Demonstrate on mine, I say.
  • Destinations

    Why is it that the memory my mind chose
  • Three Poems

    Mud to your waist. Beside you, six men probing with broken
  • Mort, Silano, Friman, et. al.

    Jo-Ann Mort on “Destinations”: This poem began exactly as I write it. For some unknown reason, I flashed on to…

    Editors Note
  • Twelve Wings & Mother of the Holy Hope

    It was difficult to get a nurse.
  • Pandemic Fugue

    These are the skies of my childhood
  • One for André Breton

    Always for the first time
  • I was trying to weigh darkness

    I was trying to weigh darkness how much does darkness weigh
  • The Dirty Orgasm, The Eleanor Ross Taylor Poems & Aren’t You Ashamed

    I know what you think. I’m the orgasm poet. I have nothing else to write about. I should stop.
  • knell & i object i object i object

    the chit-a’click-chit of a squirrel
  • Bear Sometimes Thinks He’s Dead & Shelf Life

    But lately he’s observed the Hermit Thrush
  • The Encounter

    Drizzle and formless