Radmila Petrović

Radmila Petrović (1996, Užice) grew up in the village of Stupčevići, near Arilje. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. As the winner of the 42nd Lim River Poetry Evenings, she published the poetry collection Miris zemlje / The Smell of Earth (Dom kulture “Pivo Karamatijević,” Priboj, 2014), and as the winner of the 22nd  Desanka Maksimović Poetry Competition, she published Celulozni rokenrol / Cellulose Rock’n’Roll (SKZ & Valjevska gimnazija, Valjevo, 2015). Her third collection of poems Moja mama zna šta se dešava u gradovima / My Mom Knows the Kind of Things that Happen in Cities was published by the PPM Enklava publishing house in 2020. Her poems are being translated into English, French, Greek and Hebrew.

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