John Kinsella

John Kinsella’s poetry volume Insomnia was published by WW Norton in the US in 2020. Norton will publish his new selected poems in 2025, and a new collection of poetry, Aporia, will appear with Turtle Point Press, also in 2025. He is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, Emeritus Professor of Literature and Environment at Curtin University, and an Affiliated Scholar with Kenyon College.


  • Hymn of the Squirrels, Echidna Tremens and Singled Out

    Not an issue of ‘variety’, of red, brown, grey and black,
  • Two Poems

    There was intent. To bisect the fields
  • Ode to Disarmament

    I am fairly sure that the leafhopper
  • Western Spinebill Sighting and the Absence of Tim

    Tim is at a Goethe Society lesson
  • Mantra Post- Storm Desmond

    After thirty-six hours indoors while Desmond
  • Sack

    Ancient river bed hacked and carved whittled deep
  • Morgellons

    Jorge Luis Borges translated Thomas Browne
  • On Contemplating a Sheep’s Skull

    Skull aged so much in rain and heat,