John Kinsella

John Kinsella’s poetry volume Insomnia was published by WW Norton in the US in 2020. His collection of poetry, Firebreaks (W. W. Norton) was published in 2016. He is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, and Professor of Literature and Sustainability at Curtin University.


  • Two Poems

    There was intent. To bisect the fields
  • Ode to Disarmament

    I am fairly sure that the leafhopper
  • Western Spinebill Sighting and the Absence of Tim

    Tim is at a Goethe Society lesson
  • Mantra Post- Storm Desmond

    After thirty-six hours indoors while Desmond
  • Sack

    Ancient river bed hacked and carved whittled deep
  • Morgellons

    Jorge Luis Borges translated Thomas Browne
  • On Contemplating a Sheep’s Skull

    Skull aged so much in rain and heat,