David Kirby

David Kirby’s collection The House on Boulevard St.: New and Selected Poems was a finalist for the National Book Award in 2007. His other honors include fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Guggenheim Foundation. This essay is a chapter in Kirby’s forthcoming book The Knowledge: Where Poems Come From and How to Write Them, which will be published this summer by Flip Learning. His latest poetry collection is Get Up, Please.

  • The Solotaroff Protocol, by David Kirby

    On April 14, 1994, Barbara and I were driving from Tallahassee to Baton Rouge to visit my parents and decided to split our journey with an overnight stay in Fairhope
    Issue #122 October 2021
  • Overdetermination (It’s Not as Boring As It Sounds) by David Kirby

    You want your poems to be like you: fully alive.
    Issue #115 March 2021
  • It’s Called the Renaissance, You Know, or The Soul Sibling Report by David Kirby

    “Lady and gentlemen,” said composer Dimitri Tiomkin in his 1955 Academy Awards acceptance speech
    Issue #107 July 2020
  • “Getting Stabbed Kinda Takes the Fight Out of Ya” by David Kirby

    This month’s essay on voice by David Kirby emanates the confidence and tone of an accomplished poet who is also…

    Issue #105 May 2020
  • The Excellent Trip

    You thought you’d need a month. You thought you’d need
  • The Names

    My student Natasha, who is Greek but is now living in Turkey,
  • Say You’re Don Giovanni

    Say you’re Don Giovanni Giovanni and you make
  • Pink is the Navy Blue of India

    Flea market guy tells me the pornos are five dollars