Issue #137 January 2023

Paulette Tavormina Crabs and Lemon, after P.C., digital pigment print from the series Natura Morta, 2009

  • Elisa Biagini and Gregory Conti, curated by Mihaela Moscaliuc

    Translation Portfolio: Elisa Biagini and Gregory Conti, curated by Mihaela Moscaliuc   Elisa Biagini and Gregory Conti in conversation with…

    Translations Portfolio
  • Culhane, basta, Cisewski, et. al.

    Brian Culhane on “On Not Translating Polish Poets”: I once read that Ashbery would ask his students to translate a…

    Editors Note
  • Clarifying the Disorder of Catastrophe: In Conversation with Poet/Playwright Dan O’Brien by Amanda Newell

    My interview with poet and playwright Dan O'Brien took place over several months.
    Featured Selection
  • Photographer’s Song & Nothing Song

    Standing in the shade,
  • The Road Goes On Forever and The Party Never Ends by David Kirby

    As both an eminent, award-winning American poet and music critic, David Kirby has published more than two dozen volumes of…

    Essays and Comment
  • Say Them With Me: Disruptive Lyricism in Jos Charles’ a Year & other poems reviewed by Cassandra Whitaker

    Jos Charles’ third collection, a Year & other poems
    Book Review
  • On Not Translating Polish Poets

    Were it not
  • The Classics

    At 10, I studied Vera Ellen’s legs
  • Joy

    After you say my beauty
  • Hyphen

    Blue-black on my inked page,
  • Agnus Dei, Winslow Wants a Gun, Omega Street

    The shearer’s come horse-back from Solo –
  • California King, Head of the Meadow and A Miracle of Saint Anthony

    The little bright red car
  • Washing Women, Cathedral and Sky

    And when deep into the afternoon,
  • take heed, hazard

    what could it have been
  • Unbeckoning Glass and Time Faking Surprises

    This color is exhaled smoke from a bummed cigarette, a stray cloud for the sky.