Joan Larkin

December 19, 2022 Larkin Joan



Blue-black on my inked page,
strange-looking if I stare.        


Low-key, quick-witted. Made
for bridging gaps. Born


with the urge to marry
the alien or lonely,    


to dignify with linked
names new sons-in-law…


whole worlds on either side.
You the steel coupler


I can’t imagine without––
I’ll have to write left-handed


if they erase you.
Little one, your lifestyle


vexes tramplers-in-charge. Text me
some words from your narrowboat.


Joan Larkin is the author of six collections, including Blue Hanuman and My Body: New and Selected Poems (Hanging Loose). She co-founded Out & Out Books during the ’70s feminist literary explosion, co-edited four anthologies, including Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time, and has been a lifelong teacher. Her honors include the Shelley Memorial Award, the Academy of American Poets Fellowship, and NEA and Lambda awards.