Issue #105 May 2020

Fred Herzog, U R Next, 1957

  • Miho Nonaka’s “The Museum of Small Bones” reviewed by Chelsea Wagenaar

    Miho Nonaka The Museum of Small Bones. “2020” Ashland Poetry Press. $19.95, paperback. 82 pages. Reviewed by Chelsea Wagenaar  …

    Book Review
  • “Getting Stabbed Kinda Takes the Fight Out of Ya” by David Kirby

    This month’s essay on voice by David Kirby emanates the confidence and tone of an accomplished poet who is also…

    Essays and Comment
  • The Look

    I’ll never tell Ethan I listen to him sing
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic

    God, could Kieran sing!—
  • On Delta Flight #2164 From JFK

    I'm headed home from a stint at Long Island's
  • Maria Dolores, Mother of Sorrows Quilts

    She sewed them from the old
  • Miss Lola Ridge (1873-1941)

    The fire of the world is running through me.
  • Debris

    I love those spirits
  • The Romantic Poets

    If anybody needs a head
  • To Be That Boy, to Be That Horse

    I’ve watched a shy horse
  • Yes

    Yes, all things of water and our days rounded with light, yes,
  • Meeting Shakespeare

    I met Shakespeare in a hotel room downtown.
  • I’ll Hang Around as Long as You Will Let Me

    John Prine is dead on TV in the season before trees bear peaches
  • Dear Creature

    Because of what I did
  • Strength

    After the storm
  • A Prayer

    Praise the scent of wood

    Dinner tonight with two married gay couples
  • Derealization

    I left my body in Barnes & Noble
  • Discoveries

    What I knew about
  • His Side

    Easy now to stand on a bluff and see
  • Ladder, Facts and Rungs—Dancing on the Train Tracks with Fleda Brown Interview by Nancy Mitchell

    NM:  These eight prose poems in “Treatises” speak with the authority of well-documented research and claim the same authority of…

    Featured Selection
  • The Unreturning, 2019

    Suddenly cops crushed black citizens, hurled
  • The One Crying in English Class

    From time to time, I still get angry
  • She Said She Saw Vowels

    underneath her birdfeeder
  • Visiting Gertrude Stein in Père-Lachaise

    Her stone is not the largest.