Terese Svoboda

Terese Svoboda: Anhinga Press published Theatrix: Play Poems in March 2021.

  • Yellowphant and Don’t Forget

    The circus so yellow and red stands on two feet,
  • Auntie Deluvian and Alien On The Ark: Two by Two

    Deep-time they called it when King Dumuzid the Shepherd
  • Miss Lola Ridge (1873-1941)

    The fire of the world is running through me.
  • Wrapped in Paper and String

    Monsters crawl in our brains,
  • Redeye | The Window’s Water

    that never sets,
  • She Dog | Mermaid

    A ticky rain of blood from
  • Aeolus

    The camouflaging wind gets
  • Bridge Thrill

    After two days of TV airlifts and wheels-to-the-sky

    Carry her the way it has to hurt:
  • The Injured Future

    Far left cluster the listeners, their heads lifted toward the speaker.
  • Green Girls

    Wriggling on the bottles:
  • Mother Doesn’t Bite

    I bite instead and she needs salt,