Issue #142 June 2023

Nadya Brown, “Parthenos”

  • Yellowphant and Don’t Forget

    The circus so yellow and red stands on two feet,
  • Pinsky|Green

    Vocal   Infinite information here in my phone. Here in my head a congregation of dead With numbers I had…

    Station to Station
  • From “Underworlds”

    Hell of an exit,
  • Strangers at the Door: Robert Gibb, Laure-Anne Bosselaar and Jose Padua by Michael Simms

    I’ve always loved poetry that has a clear voice, a strong reliance on craft
    Essays and Comment
  • Adam Scheffler’s “Heartworm” reviewed by DeWitt Henry

    Adam Scheffler’s HEARTWORM: POEMS is a brilliant, laconic, and intensely alert second collection of 40 poems
    Book Review
  • Nathan McClain on “Previously Owned”: An interview with Sally Bliumis-Dunn

    It is a real treat and honor, not only to have been published in Plume Anthology 10, but also to be in this sustained conversation with you, which has been very lovely.
    Featured Selection
  • A Brief Portfolio

    Theatre people who know suppose them to bring good luck.
  • Lunette 15

    I came into the world through a wound
  • Three Poems

    Our lives are so brief, she says,
  • Bond, Karapetkova, Hadas, et. al.

    Bruce Bond on “Lunette 15”: This poem is part of a book-length cycle of poems composed in dialogue with photographs…

    Editors Note
  • “Bird or Old Man” translated from Bulgarian by Holly Karapetkova 

    He arrived with a bag full of fog.
  • From “The Last Letter of My Body”, translated from Russian by Anne O. Fisher

    it’s winter here: the winter rains come, the roses bloom
  • Lost Tails, City of Money and Counting the Money

    One day our tails fell off and lay at our feet like giant dead caterpillars.
  • Canary Island Date Palm, Love & Ink and Persephone

    Couldn’t say the dream I had last night.
  • A Thin Membrane and For the New Parent

    I knew she had a glass eye though she never spoke of it
  • Moving the Piano and From the Cliff

    Compact and gleaming, black and white,
  • Three Poems

    My fingers grow white with winter, blood
  • Comet

    You once filled my night sky.