Issue #142 June 2023

Nadya Brown, “Parthenos”

  • Yellowphant and Don’t Forget

    The circus so yellow and red stands on two feet,
  • Pinsky|Green

    Vocal   Infinite information here in my phone. Here in my head a congregation of dead With numbers I had…

    Station to Station
  • From “Underworlds”

    Hell of an exit,
  • Strangers at the Door: Robert Gibb, Laure-Anne Bosselaar and Jose Padua by Michael Simms

    I’ve always loved poetry that has a clear voice, a strong reliance on craft
    Issue #142 June 2023
  • Adam Scheffler’s “Heartworm” reviewed by DeWitt Henry

    Adam Scheffler’s HEARTWORM: POEMS is a brilliant, laconic, and intensely alert second collection of 40 poems
    Issue #142 June 2023
  • Nathan McClain on “Previously Owned”: An interview with Sally Bliumis-Dunn

    It is a real treat and honor, not only to have been published in Plume Anthology 10, but also to be in this sustained conversation with you, which has been very lovely.
    Issue #142 June 2023
  • A Brief Portfolio

    Theatre people who know suppose them to bring good luck.
  • Lunette 15

    I came into the world through a wound
  • Three Poems

    Our lives are so brief, she says,
  • Bond, Karapetkova, Hadas, et. al.

    Bruce Bond on “Lunette 15”: This poem is part of a book-length cycle of poems composed in dialogue with photographs…

    Issue #142 June 2023
  • “Bird or Old Man” translated from Bulgarian by Holly Karapetkova 

    He arrived with a bag full of fog.
  • From “The Last Letter of My Body”, translated from Russian by Anne O. Fisher

    it’s winter here: the winter rains come, the roses bloom
  • Lost Tails, City of Money and Counting the Money

    One day our tails fell off and lay at our feet like giant dead caterpillars.
  • Canary Island Date Palm, Love & Ink and Persephone

    Couldn’t say the dream I had last night.
  • A Thin Membrane and For the New Parent

    I knew she had a glass eye though she never spoke of it
  • Moving the Piano and From the Cliff

    Compact and gleaming, black and white,
  • Three Poems

    My fingers grow white with winter, blood
  • Comet

    You once filled my night sky.