Alex Averbuch

Alex Averbuch, a native of Novoaidar, Luhansk region, Ukraine (b. 1985), is a Ukrainian poet, translator, and scholar. He is the author of three books of poetry and an array of literary translations between Hebrew, Ukrainian, English, and Russian. His poetry, original and in translation, has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. Recent publications have appeared in the Manhattan Review (nominated for the Pushcart Prize), Common Knowledge, and Copper Nickel. His latest book Zhydivs’kyi korol’ (The Jewish King) was published in 2021 and was a Shevchenko National Prize finalist. Averbuch is active in promoting Ukrainian-Jewish relations. He has translated into Hebrew and published over thirty selections of poetry by contemporary Ukrainian poets. Currently he is compiling and editing an anthology of contemporary Ukrainian poetry in Hebrew translation.

  • From “The Last Letter of My Body”, translated from Russian by Anne O. Fisher

    it’s winter here: the winter rains come, the roses bloom