Jesse Nathan

Canary Island Date Palm, Love & Ink and Persephone
May 23, 2023 Nathan Jesse

Canary Island Date Palm


Couldn’t say the dream I had last night.
But I might start
by saying your dates
were motionless in a breeze,
almost orange like bittersweet,
almost yellow
like bittersweet.



Love and Ink


you’ll cross the continent, confess
to angels of death—
you’ll yawn, limp, squint, arrive in a U-Haul
sweat, rattle a typewriter, scratch paper,
a globe breaking at the equator—
and she’ll tickle your feet
and you’ll lick beneath her ear—
your legs jello, your penis a flower—
but your antiquated words will clatter away
and your romance
droop like two palms—
a jay will screech, a story itch—




I saw quick rumps
leap from the cedar bower.
Maybe it was you
startled by a passing car—
sister of the fields,
globe eyes and cloven feet,
little bearded repetitions of wheat
swallow your retreat.

Jesse Nathan is the author of Eggtooth, forthcoming in September. His poems have appeared in The New York Review of Books and The Paris Review.