Tara Skurtu

Tara Skurtu is the author of the chapbook Skurtu, Romania, the full poetry collection The Amoeba Game, and the upcoming collection Faith Farm. A two-time Fulbright grantee and recipient of a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship, the Marcia Keach Poetry Prize, and two Academy of American Poets prizes, she is the founder of International Poetry Circle and a former steering committee member of Writers for Democratic Action. Tara is based in Brooklyn, where she is a writing coach for clients worldwide.



photo credit: Spencer Ostrander

  • Bystander Effect, Permanence and Weapon

    Your weapon is an eraser.
  • Leprechaun

    The old woman next door would appear in
  • Hanger

    You needed one
  • Happy Hour

    I wasn’t supposed to touch the two glazed ceramic turtles

    Salt and sour bait

    You didn’t have any

    We met at the revolving hotel door. You’d shaved
  • Indian River at Dusk

    The first and only time I caught a sheephead