Issue #93 May 2019

Julien Duovier,  “Untitled”

  • Republic Cafe by David Biespiel reviewed by Craig Brandis

    Republic Café is David Biespiel’s sixth book of poetry. It is arguably his finest work. Loosely based on Alain Resnais’…

    Issue #93 May 2019
  • My Own Private Parthenon

    Before having met Linda Gregg
    Issue #93 May 2019
  • Fidelity

    Heaven-selvage, twilight eyelet opened
  • But the Avant-Garde

    did find ways to wear TV as clothing--the monitors,
  • Culhane, Dow, Nazarene, et. al.

    Brian Culhane on “The Immortality Ode” Often, I turn to solo piano music for inspiration, with the great Bill Evans…

    Issue #93 May 2019
  • R T Smith Interviewed by Amy Beeder

    I had the pleasure of talking with RT Smith about his work―and lots of other things―for this month’s issue of Plume.
    Issue #93 May 2019
  • Higher Education and In Every Scene

    It’s hard to solve the problems of the world
  • Alexandru (1904 – 1984)

    You cross the hill by wagon to Românești. Airplanes stretch ropes of milk in our way not unlike the wire you’d
  • Q&A for Keyhole and Mammogram Hair

    After my reading to high school students
  • The Immortality Ode

    Bill Evans is quiet, fingers still above the keys, But ready to begin again and
  • Don’t Know Much About the French I Took

    I silently disapproved when they said, “Let’s go French
  • Tampa at 8PM, Listening to a Podcast on Bird Migration

    Woodlawn Cemetery lies shadowed beneath violet-bellied clouds
  • Carpe Diem

    You won't live
  • After Reading Charles Wright I Turn Out the Light and Listen to the Rain

    Protestant American darkness
  • The Morgue is Closed & Pélican Dans Sa Píeté

    Any décor depresses when it shows
  • Charlotte

    That was a malaise. We call that malaise.
  • Not the Way it Was

    Today I overheard a conversation
  • The World Provides

    Someone somewhere must always be
  • Vanity

    it’s easy to fritter your life away