Issue #93 May 2019

Julien Duovier,  “Untitled”

  • Republic Cafe by David Biespiel reviewed by Craig Brandis

    Republic Café is David Biespiel’s sixth book of poetry. It is arguably his finest work. Loosely based on Alain Resnais’…

    Book Review
  • My Own Private Parthenon

    Before having met Linda Gregg
    Essays and Comment
  • Fidelity

    Heaven-selvage, twilight eyelet opened
  • But the Avant-Garde

    did find ways to wear TV as clothing--the monitors,
  • Culhane, Dow, Nazarene, et. al.

    Brian Culhane on “The Immortality Ode” Often, I turn to solo piano music for inspiration, with the great Bill Evans…

    Editors Note
  • Higher Education and In Every Scene

    It’s hard to solve the problems of the world
  • Alexandru (1904 – 1984)

    You cross the hill by wagon to Românești. Airplanes stretch ropes of milk in our way not unlike the wire you’d
  • Q&A for Keyhole and Mammogram Hair

    After my reading to high school students
  • The Immortality Ode

    Bill Evans is quiet, fingers still above the keys, But ready to begin again and
  • Don’t Know Much About the French I Took

    I silently disapproved when they said, “Let’s go French
  • Tampa at 8PM, Listening to a Podcast on Bird Migration

    Woodlawn Cemetery lies shadowed beneath violet-bellied clouds
  • Carpe Diem

    You won't live
  • After Reading Charles Wright I Turn Out the Light and Listen to the Rain

    Protestant American darkness
  • The Morgue is Closed & Pélican Dans Sa Píeté

    Any décor depresses when it shows
  • Charlotte

    That was a malaise. We call that malaise.
  • Not the Way it Was

    Today I overheard a conversation
  • The World Provides

    Someone somewhere must always be
  • Vanity

    it’s easy to fritter your life away