Robert Nazarene

Higher Education and In Every Scene
April 23, 2019 Nazarene Robert

Higher Education

It’s hard to solve the problems of the world
From the loading dock of an Aldi’s. It’s hard
To be a creative genius with an IQ of 69 but
You never know unless you try. It’s a different
World view that comes from standing in the
Corner when your classmates are 4 years younger.
If your dad is “Big Dennis”, high point man
At the Sparklesburg Demolition Derby it’s hard
To become The Father of Your Country. When
Vicodin 10 mg tabs cost $35 each and you don’t
Have any insurance it’s good to be a fast runner.
It’s hard to get into a medical marijuana dispensary
At 6:30 when they open at 11. But it can be done.



In Every Scene the Mind Might Conjure
The Tow Truck Always Appears Before the Ambulance

Because where the love went is more than where the love is. Because
that’s what pa-pa taught. Because it’s in every book you never read only
you weren’t paying attention. Because a CAT Scan costs more than a pack
of cigarettes. And because a “jack” can always get you going again. I read
the pamphlets on it. Then I tossed them out the window. Because we are
always willing to do unto others what we will not do to ourselves. Because
love conquers all, or it doesn’t. Because pa-pa always took me fishing and
then he didn’t. One day I read The Ten Commandments then threw them
into the trunk and sped off. Because the sirens got to be too boring, too
little for my nerves. Because doing is the be all and the end all. Because
you’re still reading this poem or you’ve shuffled off into the other room.
Is there any little thing your heart desires, any thing less I can possibly do
for you? Because there’s always a pay phone another mile or two down the
road and a phone call still only costs a nickel. Because all I ever wanted
was a secret, friend.

Robert Nazarene is founding editor of The American Journal of Poetry,