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  • All That Evening

    You woke slowly
  • Armorial and The World is Burning

    At least once or twice a season I take out
  • Oak Leaves as Young Musicians and Longing

    Frosted-glass window lit orange.
  • Since Childhood & The Virgin’s Miracles translated by Don Schofield

    Think of the body on the sand,
  • Bodies on the Margins

    The artist understands blood; or rather
  • Meditation on a Shower Rod at the Super 8

    You and I are snake bit. Can we postpone?
  • Remote Stars

    Look up. There’s Bill,
  • spattered measure

    what beauty O sad world through answers
  • The Last Plume Poems

    the year that is when Churchill begged
  • Nesting & a triptych

    At my parents’ house nothing is in boxes, nothing is packed.
  • The Triumphs of 1974 & A Self-Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, OR Please, Sir/Madam, Step Away from the Edge of the Abyss

    Moneyless, we moved to Cali,
  • An Island

    Toward the end of the island