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  • Not the Way it Was

    Today I overheard a conversation
  • The World Provides

    Someone somewhere must always be
  • Vanity

    it’s easy to fritter your life away
  • We Came This Way to Know the Evening

    Here’s a riddle:
  • Happy Hour

    I wasn’t supposed to touch the two glazed ceramic turtles
  • But-cept

    I recall not wanting my oldest son
  • Hogmanay, Edinburgh

    Past the iron fence on Princes Street
  • Maidendown

    The farm along the Maidendown,
  • Caroline

    One day they took him in a car all over the country and he
  • Prayer Written on a Wide Veranda on a Comfortable Couch in Sewanee, TN

    If prayer requires an audience that is divine
  • Blond for All the Boys

    Frank Ocean didn’t mean anything to me till Dave said check
  • A Flash of Lithe White Arms

    A flash of lithe white arms