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  • Beipei, Low Water, Winter 1985

    Li Ping is peeling
  • Endecasyllabics: About the Women (Alma, Ruthie)

    The lion-maned poet holds court on our blue
  • Mr. Palomar’s Wave

    A long time ago, I went with my aunt to hear
  • Whirlybird & Poets

    This whirlybird
  • Lush & Fair-Flung

    You’re thinking of drunks,
  • Three Poems

    Being adopted means I have choices on “The Meaning of Your Name”
  • Early Explorers Sometimes Carried Watermelons Instead of Canteens & Close Your Eyes

    Ever cut open a watermelon
  • [The Porcupine Left Its Hovel]

    The porcupine left its hovel
  • Relapse

    I loved bar light,
  • Practicing Quiet & The Last Sleep Artist

    What do you mean, you ate Melvin?
  • Eros Caught Napping

    Eros at one time or another in the era before
  • Lightning Streak of White

    Black streets, black sky with orchid clouds.