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  • The Big Blow

    After the snow-soused April gale I wandered
  • Joy

    Even when the gods have driven you
  • A Nun to be Named

    I’ve been thinking about the nun who wouldn’t let me pee in fifth grade.
  • Three Ballerinas & Blue Plaques

    After the war, my father bought three little porcelain figurines in Germany, three
  • Interlude for a Solitary Flute

    What is the age of the couple
  • Western Spinebill Sighting and the Absence of Tim

    Tim is at a Goethe Society lesson
  • My Groundhog

    I had a groundhog in my back yard.
  • Polar Bear & Memento Mori: Stradivarius

    I am relieved. For twenty-seven years,
  • Elegy & Brooklyn, 1957

    My brother told me we would join the Wide
  • Melancholia & Trouble in Mind

    On the periodic table, it is the densest of elements. It does not refract or reflect, but absorbs all
  • Observatory at the Prison

    The day is warm, so we take chips and pop from the visitation-room vending machines to a
  • Book of Dolls

    The psychoanalyst has left the building