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  • I was trying to weigh darkness

    I was trying to weigh darkness how much does darkness weigh
  • The Dirty Orgasm, The Eleanor Ross Taylor Poems & Aren’t You Ashamed

    I know what you think. I’m the orgasm poet. I have nothing else to write about. I should stop.
  • knell & i object i object i object

    the chit-a’click-chit of a squirrel
  • Bear Sometimes Thinks He’s Dead & Shelf Life

    But lately he’s observed the Hermit Thrush
  • The Encounter

    Drizzle and formless
  • Double Effect: December 31

    the bridge closes behind you
  • Four Poems

    Unable to return from my ashes
  • Three Poems

    These dead again and again
  • Letters from Earth & Sky

    The petals
  • The Window Light, The Dead Boy Isn’t Dad & The Window Light Again

    Painting around the windowsill
  • Thanksgiving Near Cape Coast & Pine Cones: April 2020

    Churning along through viscous mud,
  • MISSA CORONA SPINEA Good Friday, Macomb County

    On one side of one dumpster