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  • My Girl

    I was shopping for a castle.
  • Night Rising

    Silence falls in tiny waves, women shutting
  • Skin and Arioso

    I am sending off my blood for the story of who I am.
  • Chocolate on my new pajamas

    Spun from a hundred cocoons
  • Wrapped in Paper and String

    Monsters crawl in our brains,
  • Clothes

    Because other things needed buying,
  • On Being Mused Upon

    Reading his poems, you recognize yourself
  • How It Is

    Say how it is
  • Edinburgh University Anatomical Collection

    Take shelter awhile from mortality
  • Heard in Claesz

    Decanting like the lees
  • Blind Trust

    In the nod of a cow as, stiff-legged,
  • Game with a Mad Bounce

    The child and I are kicking a pebble down the road--