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  • Jug

    Colors, we go way back.
  • Two O’Clock and Stray

    As though all at once it is afternoon
  • Rilke 5 Translations

    Almost like on the last day when the dead tear
  • Honey

    Strange music of our Emily —
  • Three Poems

    I dropped a sprig of laurel into your grave
  • Grandpa David Told Me Once of Carpathia, a Place He had Never Been

    His hospital topped
  • Wind, Blue Sky

    I am practicing being
  • Four Poems

    I don’t like it
  • A Brief Portfolio

    “What is truth?” Pilate asked.  Before Jesus could answer Pilate was on his way out the door.
  • Pierantonio on Being Married to Artemisia Gentileschi the Night She Dances the Ballet: War of Beauty War of Love, 1612

    You broke through a bouquet
  • Eating the Madeleine

    I remember the scut of it:
  • The Minefield and Uncanny Daddy

    In the hospital after so strangely