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  • Triangulated

    Is it the ship that's moving or the sea that's moving, the tide flowing against the ship?
  • “Flüchtige monde” / “fugitive moons” translated from the German by Joscha Klueppel

    mountains recall their flock of birds. the dear birds,
  • In Case the Messiah Comes

    In Case the Messiah Comes   Split screen city. East doesn’t go West and West doesn’t go East. Occupied neighborhoods, buildings on buildings on dust of history.   Ramat Shlomo Haredi new homes with their backside to Shuafat. The Red brick headquarters model of 770 Eastern Parkway rising amid the white stone–in case the Messiah comes and wants to live

  • Voicegrass and Incantation…translated from the Swedish by Bradley Harmon

    the word the night bore
  • Reading Heidegger Brings a Wild Joy

    My discovery of your essential thingness
  • Oj Golube, Moj Golube

    I was born to pigeons cooing.
  • Steer’s Head Triptych

    the cowboy cut, the wrangler,
  • Perspective and Day Sex Ode

    I have often confused the expression center of gravity, first
  • Aqua and Violet

    Childlike ones don’t tattle on the choice of stepfathers.
  • Elevator Boy

    All night I lifted them through seven stories
  • Four Poems translated by Christopher Buckley

    In the early morning the city is something else.
  • Milkweed Lullaby and Radio Lullaby

    The days were endless,