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  • Medieval Notation and Mercy

    On the first half of our hike the snow
  • The Piece

    Some years ago I painted the room gray.
  • Of Silk and Missive & Between Tree and Rocket

    Did our adolescent lips heat once or more under one or many star falls between sands on a northern American
  • For Your Eighteenth Birthday

    Not a car nor papa’s advice.
  • Letter to a Cyclist and Early Spring

    The cyclist who’s rushing for the usual gold
  • The Rehearsal

    “At our first duo rehearsal—Bach’s B-
  • Inauguration Day

    Yes, like thousands of joyful poets today
  • The Interview

    Where is your wheel? Your bike-body? Sturdy-car-self?
  • The Just Measure and Eels

    I stay here on the balcony after the rain, peering at the sky of a rocky landscape,
  • After the War for Independence and Despite Nostalgia

    Those boys in the basement, middle-schoolers, unruly
  • In Which the Sea Rakes at My Window and Seemingly Unlike Me

    and I wake rattled, as if to resist a long fall
  • Auntie Deluvian and Alien On The Ark: Two by Two

    Deep-time they called it when King Dumuzid the Shepherd