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  • Lost Leaders

    Some say that predatory sin was born of ignorance rather than
  • Rats

    Sudden underfoot, this one cries back
  • Hurdy Gurdy

    Like a grumbler who claims a five year old
  • Soldier’s Wife in the Aftermath

    After the great war I stepped inside
  • Sweet Tooth

    The man in the window is cheesecake;
  • The Old Thoughts

    Immersed, called forth—
  • As the Land Listens

    Women are gathering on shore after shore after sharp rocked shore
  • Because What Else Could I Do

    I alone in a restaurant
  • Extreme Close-up

    All the things I love about his face come from movement:
  • Two Poems

    Thinking’s chariot starts with it:
  • Dolls

    The dolls wait for the children  

    No mind, no form, I only exist;