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  • Chekhov’s Gun

    Atonement means nothing to a cook
  • Before Summer Rain

    Then, out of the green of the grove,
  • Winter Morning and Ceci n’est pas un pot

    I can easily imagine someone always doubting before he opened his front door whether
  • Lamentations

    America    more guns    more    than us
  • Zone 

    This ancient world finally leaves you weary
  • Why I Started Writing a Novel

    Earlier today I started writing a novel out of the simple
  • Communion

    Yes, I will take home the meeting bread,
  • House of Sorrow, Vessel of Anarchy, I Will Not Name It Except to Say, Golem

    Once I made a box to put a man in.
  • Two poems by Muyaka bin Haji, (1776—1840)

    When she lays eggs, they’re not nurtured even if brooding them succeeds.
  • A Brief Portfolio

    When Doris the hen
  • Hanger

    You needed one
  • Tampa at 8PM, Listening to a Podcast on Bird Migration

    Woodlawn Cemetery lies shadowed beneath violet-bellied clouds