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  • Family Way

    In my family, when any one of the women of my grandmother’s generation dreamt of fish she would get on the phone to
  • Blues

    Why is there careful language
  • At the perennial exchange

    At the perennial exchange, you will swap half a hosta
  • Undomesticated

    The large goose does what it always will,
  • A Progressive Disease

    I feel my body getting away from me,
  • Dear American Amnesia

    I know you are only trying to make
  • Oracle, Mallarmé & Stone

    A broken rib could be the sign
  • Shooting Pool in the Mental Hospital

    Because memory is not the hovering bank shot that stops at the lip
  • The Barricade

    The barricade measures two meters high and twelve meters wide
  • Norumbega Park

    They used to say the name was Viking
  • Learning to Play It Again

    While my daughter was learning Clementi —
  • Separate Cars

    Just happens is what I fear most. A couple grown insular,