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  • A Brief Portfolio

    By then I was leaving,
  • When My Son Is Dead 14 Years

    These are the years I bargain with God.
  • Excerpt from poem by Im Yunjidang translated from Hanja (via modern Korean) by Suphil Lee Park

    This shapeless blade
  • Two poems by Jan Wagner translated from German by David Keplinger 

    when you are digging in the wardrobe
  • Sonnet for a Tall Flower Blooming at Dinnertime

    Southern Flower, I want to quote the bard,
  • Three Poems

    It’s good to see him young again,
  • Unexceptional

    Except we were in love, or so it seemed.
  • War Poems

    Mangled tanks at rest on the roadway's shoulder.
  • Little Pea: A Brief Portfolio

    Sometimes I think I shouldn’t write about my past.
  • That ancient Egyptian poem

    Carved on a pillar—
  • Up Early, I Turn off the Television News

    High tide of sun curling & breaking onto the hardwood
  • Cataclysmic Paternity

    There’s the you at birth and the you that’s taught and the you you concocted.