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  • August City Night & Love in Kyiv

    stifles, thick stream
  • Butchery

    They do it right here in the front yard in Wellsville,
  • Heretical Physics & Mermaid Rescued by EMTs in Colorado

    When I was englobed in subatomic quarks and bosons floating
  • The Other Hemisphere & Like California

    It shut us up, the new, dumbed us
  • The Mending Wall

    No one noticed as I left both the tour group
  • The Cocoon, I Started Slowly & Morning’s Only Yellow

    Visiting my cousin’s church I found
  • Solstice, Seven Questions (Private/Public) & A Fable

    blood on a slide--thumbprint in a pool--
  • Earth, Temple, Gods

    A woman's feet, in lace-up sandals made of stone.
  • After Our Parents Get Divorced, Our Mother Buys an Ivy Stencil

    In the small white bedroom
  • Four Square and Enthralled

    Mornings I’m grateful to my nightly self
  • Christmas Nineteen-Sixty-Something and Notes from My Doppelganger

    By that time we were hanging the tree from a hook
  • You Don’t Drink Wine? and I Tremble: Two poems by Rumi

    What? You don’t drink wine? Infidel, begone!