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  • Wild Yeast & Kiss and Tell

    What color is Shakespeare?
  • Here & Now

    I’m walking the beach where I ran as a child.

    Where in the world does it fit
  • Disseminate

    Plums to the Garden of Eden. Their flesh
  • My Surly Heart

    You don’t know what lives
  • N33P14 and N33P29

    Cloud cover
  • Cicada’s Courtship, Origin Story and Clean Houses

    The dissipation of freshly harvested leeks, wilted,
  • Clytemnestra, Unleashed

    Lovingly, she poured the scented water into his bath
  • From Gustave Roud’s Air of Solitude

    All that’s left of the signpost is a mute shaft,
  • The Sailor’s Love Song and Irish Whiskey

    When I was young I burned to be
  • Kabuki

    A widow in Mississippi kept them in glass cases,
  • Almost an Elegy: For Tony Hoagland

    Your poems make me want to write my poems