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  • Salvation, in B#

    Bigtime Baltimore, new
  • Old Lithographed Landscape & Woolgathering

    A causeway wavers all the tilted days
  • Six Makeshift Trees Around My Bathtub

    Above our heads a vertical shadow
  • Excerpts from Little Goldie in America

    One more day, one more hour, play the good pig.
  • Les Rochers de Belle-Ile [after the painting by Claude Monet]

    No beach here—just the sea
  • The Afterlife

    After life, pelicans glide above a shut- down bridge.
  • Madonna in Blue

    An aneurism in the sun, a gravity-wave.
  • Occupation

    As a peeper, some clear night, singing for a star,
  • Holiday Candle

    Thank you for your kind gift
  • Soul Mate

    When I was a girl, I had a dirty soul.
  • Barn Red

    Home alone, I swirl on scarlet lipstick and forget that I did,
  • Turd

    Twelve inches, specific as a nail,