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  • My Shame & Sanctuary

    At first that howl suggests an overbearing parent
  • The Authentic Galleries

    Begin again.  Begin with the wound.
  • Golgotha & Receiving the Host

    Then they came and cleansed you my love
  • The Palm Reader & Fire Horse

    These blithe lines
  • Molt & Clean Water Act

    Neither here nor there, you don’t fit. 
  • LIKE

    No other sound like it.
  • Murder Ballad & A Story of Teeth

    Georg Wilhelm Steller married his sea cow in a simple  ceremony  on a Bering  Island  beach.
  • from In the Fires of Absence

    Beautiful gelid just-
  • Trás-Os-Montes

    Tiny and bent over
  • On Beauty and To the Phaistos Disc

    I have a tree outside my house. I don’t know what kind—in spring, it blooms, gorgeous.
  • The Loneliness of His Death

    I like to think there’s a place where all the poets go
  • Callas Poems

    She whom you seek is not here!