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  • Kabuki

    A widow in Mississippi kept them in glass cases,
  • Almost an Elegy: For Tony Hoagland

    Your poems make me want to write my poems
  • From Inches Away

    From inches away his finger can’t miss

    Yes, Ravidat, to follow the rabbit down its winding hole

    Only with such care could history take form.
  • Vesper

    The sky is blue for reasons other than atmospheric ones.
  • Snow, an essay and The Day After the Day Without a Yesterday

    Or, the winter I kept being turned into a pillar of salt.
  • the primate hospital

    I have raptured the oars.
  • The Wayfarer

    When the wings of the triptych are open as
  • No Touch and Elder in a Garden

    I'm fed up with farewells.
  • Canine Elegy

    All over town, dogs are lying down
  • Pensé Que Estabas Muerto

    but your deaths existed the nights you didn’t come home.