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  • The Wind Cried Mary  

    In 1967 when Hendrix coaxed, Are you experienced?
  • How I Felt the First Time I Tried It

    Like a clam’s tongue muscling
  • Our Bodies Ourselves

    No one would sit by Vicky Syme
  • DERRIÈRE LE MUR ANTI-BRUIT/PROMENADES EN ÎLE-DE-FRANCE by Chantal Bizzini translated by J. Bradford Anderson

    Pourquoi le rez-de-chaussée
  • A Brief Portfolio

    “Digital streaming, brother, rates of flow in time
  • Car le Vice by Tomaž Šalamun translated from the Slovenian by Brian Henry

    Car le Vice, rongeant ma native noblesse
  • You Don’t Travel Light, Life

    is a cumbersome business.
  • The World As Sound

    I didn’t speak until I was five
  • More Nights Than Days and Turn It Up

    At the end of my street, they cut the trees.
  • Head of a Woman with the Horns of a Ram

    I used to curse the sidewalk ice
  • Little Black Dress and Julia

    Puddled at my feet or ruched
  • Storm Song, Monarch, Sultry Night and Galveston, 1900

    Last night heat