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  • Insomnia, A Love Story

    Everybody sleeps.  Our poem starts with that premise.
  • Separation

    Slumbering suburbs, calm depths of summer.
  • Two Poems

    You search for the best doctors, try to curb her pain—
  • In God’s Intestine and Goner

    The husband, who has accepted Buddhist precepts,
  • At Arlington and Boys

    After the gunfire, the tact of “Taps.”
  • Heat Lightning

    Before the fireflies and whiskey
  • Maybe It Will Happen in the Span of a Sentence translated by Daniel Bourne

    One of the most interesting poets to emerge in Poland during the final decades of the 20th century
  • The Dragonfly

    Diamond-crusted wings flying an armored syringe
  • The First Communion and Forty-Two

    I shall sit here, on this bench,
  • Honest Orbit

    For weeks I sift in vast exits
  • Risk Factor

    After the reading, a young Jewish woman
  • Mother, at Last

    You were Scarlett O’Hara