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  • My Friend, Nice Socks & The Last Dance

    My friend wanted to have breakfast at the local strip club.
  • The Book of Forgotten Geniuses

    I can understand why the Egyptians
  • A Brief Portfolio of Six Poems

    The pond flattered the foliage,
  • A Singleton & Self Portrait: Between the Car and the Sea

    They climb to their lookout, each day, different,
  • Whatever Alights

    A zillion yeses to the titmice at my feeder,
  • from Brexit suivi de la migration des murs (Les Éditions Diable Vauvert 2020) Translated from French by Nathan Dize and Siobhan Meï

    Once upon a poster, let’s call it
  • Horoscope and American Upanishad

    Two hearts can charge the moment they meet,
  • An Invasion

    We waited and waited, or by we
  • Riding the Metro-North New Haven Line and Black Mountain Music

    The question is what kind of sausage are they—
  • safe / harbor / rehab

    you said your eyes
  • The Last Harvest

    Of course the snake is still here
  • Down by the River

    Down by the river behind the barn