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  • Mari Küla and Mari Meli

    Manuela Colipe Benavente breathes in the sun so that she can sleep.
  • Invocation

    I would like beamed to me from the Muse's tower high atop Parnassus
  • Wordwell Triptych

    chronic lapse
  • On Shadows & On Risk

    Me and my shadow
  • Signaling to You

    You live with a young leopard and a poem levitating in the gravitational landscape.
  • July 4th

    Tarred roads starting to buckle,

    Against the mauve wall, a Flegel
  • Missed Romance & The Image

    An old black and white photograph
  • Ophthalmology

    No me miras, she said, hiding her face,
  • Fogetting Names

    Inevitable, and not
  • How Sad

    Their kisses were bitterly thin,
  • Bright in June Sun

    The young man, kneeling at his mother’s tomb, lays red tulips there,