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  • Two Exhausted Bodies

    My insides are a flooded field. Though the field outside is larger and I have played there, laid
  • Gertrude Suite, [Mechthild Says God is a Bell] & Lazarus

    Semantic, in the way that interruption is semantic.
  • when you ask me if you are a good father & cook up meets god

    look     we know how this will play out
  • Valediction in Guatemala

    We say goodbye in front
  • Pier

    If the pier is two hundred and fifty words long, it is important
  • Across the Wide Missouri

    It’s toward the end of the season.
  • The NewMath and Nor Easter

    There may still be time to find the cosine of x. Under an à la mode
  • Five Per Page and Title covered in flies

    Yard sticks and shards are kept in a jar shaped as a cowboy boot.
  • Consecration of the Wolves I and IV

    For now, I will await
  • The Beautiful American Word Baby

    Once, I wanted it growled low in the throat
  • A Tall Bird 

    on the one hand, beauty remains.
  • Tartine. Quasi-unfamiliar. To handle a relationship

    In her teenage years,