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  • The Angels’ Share and Poem Without a Title

    Over distilleries’ rooftops, angels tipple
  • Streak, Exit Survey and Against All Endings

    A jackknifed semi full
  • from Sleeping with Bashō

    Growing out of clouds like a cedar tree—
  • Dear Lucinda Williams and Dear Jules

    A power in proximity to terror, the lower middle-class sublime of a car’s back seat,
  • The All-Overs, This is Where God Stays When He’s in Town and Mr. Jackson’s Killer

    I like words like gallimaufry, tawdry, billingsgate—braggadocio! Rodomontade.
  • Three Poems

    I’ve seen demons, each one tossed
  • Two Poems

    I didn't know it then, but we were learning Italian...
  • A Brief Portfolio

    A detail like a grave
  • Uplight

    The uplight is where I want to be, above and looking, and looking over.
  • Insomnia, A Love Story

    Everybody sleeps.  Our poem starts with that premise.
  • Separation

    Slumbering suburbs, calm depths of summer.
  • Two Poems

    You search for the best doctors, try to curb her pain—