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  • Trash

    Good you are trashing, my husband says, when I send him a photo
  • Doorbell: 5:14 AM

    The policeman touches
  • Two Poems

    The clarity of familiar faces
  • Fable 7, 8 & 9

    I knew a boy with swastikas on his sneakers. I never knew the story.
  • Amaryllis

    Like the bell of an old Victrola,
  • Three poems from Kembang Kertas (Balinese for bougainvillea) in Filipino and Kinaray-a

    Here, we are told
  • One poem from “claus and the scorpion”

    over lara and among the laras that inhabit lara
  • Two poems from “The Mistaken Place of Things”

    How to say hair
  • Of The Heart, A Hymn & Interracial love affair ended by lynching of a man & let there be a song for zero

    Your name is ash
  • in common and gentrify

    My neighbor Steve is one of these lawn guys, with an engined solution for every yard flaw.
  • Other Minds and While

    For each word
  • Vaccination, in the Broadest Sense of the Term, Crickets and Lucky Strike Lanes

    Just as the pharmacist drove the vaccine into my arm