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  • Practicing Quiet & The Last Sleep Artist

    What do you mean, you ate Melvin?
  • Eros Caught Napping

    Eros at one time or another in the era before
  • Lightning Streak of White

    Black streets, black sky with orchid clouds.
  • Oxalis in the Ingleside & Zucchini in August

    You can find the world’s second largest sundial
  • Lion Cub & Whales

    We’d taken to being clever, or is that merely mischievous?
  • Seven Minutes with Mary Halvorson: Poetry and Jazz, Hand in Hand

    Artlessly falling through overstretched arms delivers the night underground, a hole
  • Wolf Wine Bar

    Two years ago, maybe even two and a half
  • Security: A Q & A

    What was your favorite part-time job? What do you
  • Duets

    Telemann at 7:30 on an evening
  • Three Poems

    Last night R—, who I stole
  • Litterature

    I am pleased
  • Pull Off on Old Lyme Road to Fuck

    Because I would have given everything for you to want to talk to me you remain the sound of street lamps