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  • Ghazal with Bread

    how many summers apart from you, in search of bread
  • The Irretrievable

    Second shelf on the right. You’ll
  • After the Fire Items # 6-10, Living Room

    Mom said ‘Take them for the gold & don’t pay off my credit card debt,
  • Before Things Got Bad

    After the mayor closed all the parks
  • Edinburgh University Anatomical Collection

    Take shelter awhile from mortality
  • Poetry

    In my new room upstairs,
  • Boy in a Hole

    The boy meant to help his father

    The Date Line lies motionless between Samoa and Tonga, but the Midnight Line glides across the ocean and islands and rooftops of huts.
  • Paramouria & You Do What You’re Good At

    You know (you think), and then
  • Like Warm Ice Cubes

    A father is like warm
  • The Look

    I’ll never tell Ethan I listen to him sing
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic

    God, could Kieran sing!—