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Christopher Buckley’s most recent book is AGNOSTIC from Lynx House Press 2019. Previously, Chaos Theory, was published by Plume Editions, an imprint of MadHat Press, in January 2018. STAR JOURNAL: SELECTED POEMS was published by the Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, fall 2016. His 20th book of poetry, Back Room at the Philosophers’ Club won the 2015 Lascaux Prize in Poetry from the Lascaux Review. Among several critical collections and anthologies of contemporary poetry, he has edited: Bear Flag Republic: Prose Poems and Poetics from California, 2008, and ONE FOR THE MONEY: THE SENTENCE AS A POETIC FORM, from Lynx House Press, 2012, both with Gary Young. He has recently edited: The Long Embrace: 21 Contemporary Poets on the Long Poems of Philip Levine, Lynx House Press; and NAMING THE LOST: THE FRESNO POETS—Interviews & Essays, Stephen F. Austin State Univ. Press, both due Fall 2020.

  • Out of Fresno—Poetry & “Career” by Christopher Buckley

    Philip Larkin—one of the most popular British Poets among my generation in the US—replying to an interview
    Issue #109 September 2020
  • On The Calculation of Chances

    It takes more than faith
  • Post Structuralism

    But the first idea was not to shape the clouds
  • Here & Now

    I’m walking the beach where I ran as a child.
  • In Memorium: Peter Everwine — 1930 – 2018: written by Christopher Buckley

    In Memorium: Peter Everwine — 1930 – 2018 Peter Everwine died in his home in Fresno, CA during the night…

    Issue #88 December 2018
  • I’m Nothing

    close to a Zen scholar,
  • On Time | Parallel Universes | After a Winter Storm: Grand Unified Field Theory

    The light years
  • Old Tunes, Politics, Karma & Career

    Took the afternoon off from the dozen things I’m supposed to repair, respond to, or maintain around the yard, and
  • The Shape of Things

    I’ve been reading the science books again