Issue #109 September 2020

Wilfredo Lam, Annonciation de Aime Cesaire

  • Ranjit Hoskote interviewed by Leeya Mehta

    Chronicler of a Blue Planet: An audio interview with Ranjit Hoskote by Leeya Mehta Ranjit Hoskote has lived, for most…

    Featured Selection
  • Hailey Leithauser’s Saint Worm reviewed by Susan Blackwell Ramsey

    The heart of a bear is a cloud-shuttered
    Book Review
  • from Brexit suivi de la migration des murs (Les Éditions Diable Vauvert 2020) Translated from French by Nathan Dize and Siobhan Meï

    Once upon a poster, let’s call it
  • Horoscope and American Upanishad

    Two hearts can charge the moment they meet,
  • An Invasion

    We waited and waited, or by we
  • Out of Fresno—Poetry & “Career” by Christopher Buckley

    Philip Larkin—one of the most popular British Poets among my generation in the US—replying to an interview
    Essays and Comment
  • Dunn, Mabbitt, Slate, et. al.

    Sally Bliumis-Dunn on “Northern Flicker” and “Where the Robins Took Me”: I wrote “Northern Flicker” near the beginning of the…

    Editors Note
  • Riding the Metro-North New Haven Line and Black Mountain Music

    The question is what kind of sausage are they—
  • safe / harbor / rehab

    you said your eyes
  • The Last Harvest

    Of course the snake is still here
  • Down by the River

    Down by the river behind the barn
  • Strychnine Tree

    Stranger under this love-sick tree, lapful of terminal clusters
  • In Purgatory

    Not easy.
  • Country of Other Arrangements and Spinach Salad

    I used to be neatly folded, sound
  • The Dangers of Contemplation

    Follow the seagull aloft
  • Where the Robins Took Me and Northern Flicker

    Robins settle on the earth
  • All That Evening

    You woke slowly
  • Armorial and The World is Burning

    At least once or twice a season I take out
  • Oak Leaves as Young Musicians and Longing

    Frosted-glass window lit orange.