James Noël

James Noël, born in 1978 in Haiti, is an award-winning writer and the author of fifteen books. A former Villa Medici fellow, his poems have been translated into several languages. Leader of the journal IntranQu’îllités, he also edited Éditions Points – Seuil, an anthology of contemporary Haitian poetry bringing 73 poets together. In 2017, he published his first novel, Belle merveille, whose German translation received the HKW Prize from the Maison des cultures du Monde in Berlin in June 2020. Les Éditions Diable Vauvert published his latest book, Brexit suivi de la migration des murs.

  • from Brexit suivi de la migration des murs (Les Éditions Diable Vauvert 2020) Translated from French by Nathan Dize and Siobhan Meï

    Once upon a poster, let’s call it