Issue #88 December 2018

Steven Shores: South of Kiamath Falls, U.S. 97, Oregon, July 21, 1973, from Uncommon Places 

  • Pastan, Meinke, Dickow, et. al.

    Hank Lazer  on N33P14 and N33P29 The two poems/pages included in Plume 88 are from my ongoing Notebooks project –…

    Editors Note
  • Mystery and Surprise: Two Chinese Poets; reviewed by Alexander Dickow

    The contemporary Chinese poet Mang Ke and the Tang dynasty poet Li Shangyin (9th century) could hardly be more different.…

    Book Review
  • Bhisham Bherwani: KNOTS

    No bowline, no double Carrick bend,
    Featured Selection
  • Can Poetry Save America by Chard DeNiord

    CAN POETRY SAVE AMERICA? Czelaw Milosz, the twentieth century Polish poet and Nobel laureate who became a U.S. citizen in…

    Essays and Comment
  • My Surly Heart

    You don’t know what lives
  • In Memorium: Peter Everwine — 1930 – 2018: written by Christopher Buckley

    In Memorium: Peter Everwine — 1930 – 2018 Peter Everwine died in his home in Fresno, CA during the night…

    Essays and Comment
  • N33P14 and N33P29

    Cloud cover
  • Cicada’s Courtship, Origin Story and Clean Houses

    The dissipation of freshly harvested leeks, wilted,
  • Clytemnestra, Unleashed

    Lovingly, she poured the scented water into his bath
  • The Sailor’s Love Song and Irish Whiskey

    When I was young I burned to be
  • Kabuki

    A widow in Mississippi kept them in glass cases,
  • Almost an Elegy: For Tony Hoagland

    Your poems make me want to write my poems
  • From Inches Away

    From inches away his finger can’t miss

    Yes, Ravidat, to follow the rabbit down its winding hole

    Only with such care could history take form.
  • Vesper

    The sky is blue for reasons other than atmospheric ones.