Alexander Dickow

Dickow Alexander

Alexander Dickow is a poet, translator, and scholar, and an associate professor of French at Virginia Tech. His books include Trial Balloons (Corrupt Press, 2012) and Appetites (MadHat Press, 2018).

  • Old Lithographed Landscape & Woolgathering

    A causeway wavers all the tilted days
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    Dredgings Alexander Dickow Why not mix languages, like Theresa Hak Kyung Cha or Jody Pou? French and English are to…

    Issue #89 January 2019
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    The contemporary Chinese poet Mang Ke and the Tang dynasty poet Li Shangyin (9th century) could hardly be more different.…

    Issue #88 December 2018
  • Alexander Dickow: Poetry, Sentimentality, and the Laugh Track Compulsion

    Poetry, Sentimentality, and the Laugh Track Compulsion   The Anglo-Saxon world – many would say mercifully – never brought forth…

    Issue #83 June 2018