Issue #83 June 2018

Kito Fujio, Playground Equipment, Osaka

  • CAConrad: While Standing in Line for Death

    Best known for the “(soma)tic” rituals that serve as the source materials for his verse and prose poems, poet, critic,…

    Book Review
  • Heather Altfeld, Gregory Orr, Donald Revell,

      Heather Altfeld on “The Island to Remind You of Your Childhood” About ten years ago, I decided to teach…

    Editors Note

    To see my father not seeing me with
  • Remedios Varo’s Locomotion Capilar (1959)

    Riding the bicycles of their beards,
  • A Poem and Two Fables

    The breeze this morning pulls on the surface of the bay,
  • The Only One

    In the stories of old there were always three.
  • Unfinished Business

    Cleaning up, in the kitchen, she goes to wipe away a small black seed from the counter.

    To think that each lit window there
  • Venice is Sinking | Window Shopping

    Venice is sinking, Signora. Look –
  • From the Republic of Sleep and Mercy | The Island to Remind You of Your Childhood

    All night I dreamt death
  • Getting Old, Thinking of Keats

    Even though I’m old now
  • Gerry LaFemina: A Video Interview and New Poems

      Photo credit Laura Byrnes My hometown of Salisbury, Maryland hosted Gerry Lafemina as poet-in-residence for Poetry Week, April 5-9,…

    Featured Selection
  • Alexander Dickow: Poetry, Sentimentality, and the Laugh Track Compulsion

    Poetry, Sentimentality, and the Laugh Track Compulsion   The Anglo-Saxon world – many would say mercifully – never brought forth…

    Essays and Comment

    Angel of the gap thrills to floodwaters
  • Template

    Any skink
  • Concussion Test

    Do you feel heartsick for aboriginal (original) people wearing baseball caps?