Issue #116 April 2021

Faith Ringgold, American People Series # 20: Die 1967

  • Review of Steven Cramer’s Listen by Andrea Read

    That time when one can no longer wander away
    Book Review
  • Notnames at the Detroit Institute of the Arts and Hell Fuckin’ Yeah:  Smackdown vs. Raw

    At the Detroit Institute of the Arts the Caravaggio’s no
  • A Canticle Rehearsal in The Temple and The Waters Do Not Return, Even to Meribà

    Oh, I am tired of my land,
  • Correspondence In The Air by Ilya Kaminsky and Twilight of the Theorists by Doug Anderson

    Octavio Paz once wrote that the modern poet “extracts his visions from within himself.”
    Essays and Comment
  • Ambassadors of Poetry Prevail in the United States of Pandemica by Nancy Mitchell

    In honor of National Poetry Month I interviewed five Poet Laureates
    Featured Selection
  • Richey, Tobin, Dower, et. al.

    Frances Richey on “The Seven Secrets of Our-Lady”: When my son was serving in Iraq (2004-2006), I wrote some short…

    Editors Note
  • Promiscuous and Thanking My Breasts

    Promiscuous is what my mother
  • The Silver Bullet

    When I wasn’t washing my hands, I remembered
  • While

    While we were kissing that year, the icebergs were sleeping,
  • Two poems by Natalia Toledo, in trilingual translation (Zapotec to Spanish to English)

    Mantis mantis I want to know
  • The Seven Mysteries of Our-Lady Madonna

    They emerge out of distance,
  • Reading About Keith Jarrett This Morning in the Paper and Ode to the Table of Contents

    how he probably won’t play in public again
  • Beautiful Worry

    this wan light, spaghetti-thin, uneases
  • Harvest

    Like someone who has spent long hours among the vines,
  • Intelligent Design & Miramar Point

    7, 8, 9 years old,
  • Feral

    Ex. A house. A trampoline. A raised garden bed. A Ford Bronco. A Cabbage Patch doll