Issue #116 April 2021

Faith Ringgold, American People Series # 20: Die 1967

  • Review of Steven Cramer’s Listen by Andrea Read

    That time when one can no longer wander away
    Book Review
  • Notnames at the Detroit Institute of the Arts and Hell Fuckin’ Yeah:  Smackdown vs. Raw

    At the Detroit Institute of the Arts the Caravaggio’s no
  • A Canticle Rehearsal in The Temple and The Waters Do Not Return, Even to Meribà

    Oh, I am tired of my land,
  • Correspondence In The Air by Ilya Kaminsky and Twilight of the Theorists by Doug Anderson

    Octavio Paz once wrote that the modern poet “extracts his visions from within himself.”
    Issue #116 April 2021
  • Ambassadors of Poetry Prevail in the United States of Pandemica by Nancy Mitchell

    In honor of National Poetry Month I interviewed five Poet Laureates
    Featured Selection
  • Richey, Tobin, Dower, et. al.

    Frances Richey on “The Seven Secrets of Our-Lady”: When my son was serving in Iraq (2004-2006), I wrote some short…

    Issue #116 April 2021
  • Promiscuous and Thanking My Breasts

    Promiscuous is what my mother
  • The Silver Bullet

    When I wasn’t washing my hands, I remembered
  • While

    While we were kissing that year, the icebergs were sleeping,
  • Two poems by Natalia Toledo, in trilingual translation (Zapotec to Spanish to English)

    Mantis mantis I want to know
  • The Seven Mysteries of Our-Lady Madonna

    They emerge out of distance,
  • Reading About Keith Jarrett This Morning in the Paper and Ode to the Table of Contents

    how he probably won’t play in public again
  • Beautiful Worry

    this wan light, spaghetti-thin, uneases
  • Harvest

    Like someone who has spent long hours among the vines,
  • Intelligent Design & Miramar Point

    7, 8, 9 years old,
  • Feral

    Ex. A house. A trampoline. A raised garden bed. A Ford Bronco. A Cabbage Patch doll