Deborah Gorlin

Beautiful Worry
March 18, 2021 Gorlin Deborah

Beautiful Worry



this wan light, spaghetti-thin, uneases
me; it signals the beginning of spring,
risky as birth, when it’s supposed
to induce buds, flowers, leaves, bring
the birds back, a massive project
hugely quixotic, so unlike winter,
a season more probable in its Soviet style
deprivations, spreading night and snow
in equal measure, extreme sandwich
straightforward in its execution.
But this fey light, contracted for so much, I fear
is a bad hire, no guarantor. I worry about its control
over spring, that it all could break apart,
a soprano who misses her high C, or worse,
a priapic tenor who can never stop singing

Deborah Gorlin is the author of two books of poems, BODILY COURSE, White Pine Poetry Press Prize and LIFE OF THE GARMENT, Bauhan Publishing, winner of the 2014 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize. She has published in a wide range of journals including Poetry, Antioch Review, American Poetry Review, Seneca Review, The Massachusetts Review, The Harvard Review, Green Mountains Review, Bomb, Connecticut Review, Women’s Review of Books, New England Review, and Best Spiritual Writing 2000. Recent poems appear in On the Seawall, Chicago Quarterly, Trampoline, the Exphrastic Review,and New Verse News.  Emeritus co-director of the Writing Program at Hampshire College, she serves as a poetry editor at The Massachusetts Review.