Issue #127 March 2022

James Crombie, “Murmuration”, 2021

  • Crow Poison

    stumbled drunkenly
  • Brian Culhane’s “Remembering Lethe” reviewed by Chelsea Wagenaar

    Brian Culhane’s Remembering Lethe is remarkably, refreshingly cohesive.
    Book Review
  • Rome/Glasgow: Early March

    Our favorite time to visit—cool air for all-day walking, in
  • Embraced

    I have visited an ancient redwood and heard it creak
  • Mindfulness Training in La Jolla

    That summer of Pokémon-go,
  • Language Is a Form of Walking, Even at Age of 87 and Three, in One Story

    At 30, she learns to rewrite herself in a phonetic language,
  • Rubbish Heap translated by Sasha Dugdale

    I haven’t the strength to sing of you, resplendent rubbish heap!
  • Two poems by Adélia Prado (from Miserere) translated from Brazilian Portuguese by Ellen Doré Watson

    On what might be called a street,
  • Threnody and Sylvia Plath

    The train coach, Jean—empty except for you,
  • [from the volume 4 A.M. Domestic Cantos, Casa de editură Max Blecher, 2015]

    There will be people and they will push the world further.
  • Dickinson’s Facsicle 16:  A Book Review by Steven Cramer

    Steven Cramer both enlightens and entertains in his essay, “Dickinson’s Fascicle 16: A Book Review.” In his ambitious undertaking of…

    Essays and Comment
  • Rhodes, Shapiro, Moldaw, et. al.

    Martha Rhodes on “Embraced”: It’s awkward (for me) to talk about my own poems — I can just say that…

    Editors Note
  • D-Lev, Messenger by Nancy Mitchell

    We’re thrilled to talk with Dana Levin on the eve of the April 2022 debut of her amazing Now Do…

    Featured Selection
  • Shame

    Why did I want a Queen Conch shell
  • Stammer  (2 pp)

    Was I hatched from an egg, fostered by birds
  • Sweet Nothings

    I whispered to your offered ear
  • [I encircle you] translated by Sasha Dugdale

    I encircle you as a zone of mountains, granite corona