Kristina Andersson Bicher

Morning Bells in Marienplatz
November 24, 2023 Bicher Kristina

Morning Bells in Marienplatz


“The government has collapsed. Kabul has descended into chaos. A spokesman says
the war is over.” 16 August 2021, BBC News


The wasps


in Munich dive-bomb
our breakfast plates, press
their gargoyled faces into our fried ham,


its salt, into the pink heft
of what they crave, bore
wasp-sized holes in the meat


and airlift the spoils. Slices


of sunlight cut across the red-
flocked window boxes of a stone
façade. The famed glock begins


to spiel and bell the hour. A carousel,


wakens slow, then starts its giant turn: dukes
and harlequin steeds reiterate ancient
hates: stab-stab-stab-recover, buglers


and jesters cheer. More clanks


and cogs, and there go the jigging coopers, jig-
jigging. When Kabul fell, when Kabul fell, 
the charred bird cries thrice.

Kristina Andersson Bicher is a poet, translator and essayist whose work has appeared in Ploughshares, Denver Quarterly, Hayden’s Ferry, Narrative, Barrow Street, Painted Bride Quarterly, The Atlantic, and others. She earned degrees from Harvard University and Sarah Lawrence College.