Jane Zwart

Jane Zwart teaches at Calvin University, where she also co-directs the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, The Southern Review, Threepenny Review, Ploughshares, and Plume, as well as other journals and magazines. She also writes book reviews, and she has published edited versions of onstage interviews with writers including Zadie Smith, Amit Majmudar, and Christian Wiman.

  • For D, reading poems

    When I was a kid, only a flu could buy me
  • Penelope Pelizzon’s A Gaze Hound that Hunteth by the Eye reviewed by Jane Zwart

    Were I not smitten, ahead of time, with V. Penelope Pelizzon’s poems, I might have passed over her newest collection
    Plume Issue #153 May 2024
  • The Angels’ Share and Poem Without a Title

    Over distilleries’ rooftops, angels tipple
  • Review of Theophanies by Sarah Ghazal Ali by Jane Zwart

    All of us who read poetry, I suspect, have stanzas to which we return for reassurance
    Issue #149 January 2024
  • Celeste Lipkes’ “Radium Girl” reviewed by Jane Zwart

      review of Radium Girl by Celeste Lipkes. University of Wisconsin Press, 2023. Diane Seuss, in her essay “Restless Herd,”…

    Issue #143 July 2023
  • banana [   ] by Paul Hlava Ceballos reviewed by Jane Zwart

    Indeed, a person is standing between them: an almost anonymous character, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, cloaked in a blue tarp that covers their face.
    Issue #139 March 2023
  • Half the Time

    In an emergency
  • Jane Zwart reviews “Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking” by C.T. Salazar

    One of the great, disorienting pleasures of C.T. Salazar’s first full-length collection of poems is how little level ground it contains.
    Issue #132 August 2022
  • Lesley Wheeler’s “Poetry’s Possible Worlds” reviewed by Jane Zwart

    In poetry and prose, Lesley Wheeler contends, “the ratio of sound to sense is different.”
    Issue #130 June 2022
  • Kasey Jueds’s “The Thicket” reviewed by Jane Zwart

    “The thicket / swells with secrets,” Kasey Jueds writes in the poem “Unbidden,”
    Issue #123 November 2021
  • Worldly Things by Michael Kleber-Diggs reviewed by Jane Zwart

    Review of Worldly Things. Michael Kleber-Diggs. Milkweed. June 8, 2021. $22.   Worldly Things is the name of Michael Kleber-Diggs’s…

    Issue #118 June 2021
  • At the perennial exchange

    At the perennial exchange, you will swap half a hosta