Issue #118 June 2021

Jason de Graaf, Nest

  • On Psalm 91 and Maestro Says

    And daily, I read:
  • Two Poems

    War catches a man with a shopping bag
  • Jen Sperry Steinorth: On Creating and Claiming Space with Her Read by Amanda Newell

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen Sperry Steinorth about her new book,
    Featured Selection
  • Two Poems

    Save forever my words for the taste of a smoke and disaster,
  • Worldly Things by Michael Kleber-Diggs reviewed by Jane Zwart

    Review of Worldly Things. Michael Kleber-Diggs. Milkweed. June 8, 2021. $22.   Worldly Things is the name of Michael Kleber-Diggs’s…

    Book Review
  • Heard in Caravaggio

    The real is offered, unashamed:
  • Oxygen & Waking to 1939, I Study Those Standing

    I’m sorry my mother got a blood clot in her lung
  • The Solid Objects of Stagnant Empires by Irina Mashinski

    “The Myth” and “Jew” are two excerpts from The Naked World, a story of four generations of one family,
    Essays and Comment
  • Hawkins, Withiam, Cooley, et. al.

    Hunt Hawkins on “To the Poets Dropped from the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry”:   In addition to creative writing,…

    Editors Note
  • Ever Wish We’d Gone Beyond Being Friends? and My Auto Dealership

    You asked. I’m remembering the vacation island
  • What You Can’t Fix

    She was always fixing me, stuffing filler in my holes
  • Fatherless Daughters

    In Springtime, abandoned daughters burst like myopic butterflies with binoculars
  • To the Poets Dropped from the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry

    Au revoir, Walter de la Mare!
  • Trash

    Good you are trashing, my husband says, when I send him a photo
  • Doorbell: 5:14 AM

    The policeman touches
  • Two Poems

    The clarity of familiar faces
  • Fable 7, 8 & 9

    I knew a boy with swastikas on his sneakers. I never knew the story.
  • Amaryllis

    Like the bell of an old Victrola,