Scott Withiam

Withiam Scott

Scott Withiam’s second book of poetry, Door Out of the Underworld, was published by MadHat Press in October 2019. His poems have most recently appeared in Diagram, On the Seawall, and Plume.

  • Bending Truth to Advantage

    From Robert Lowell’s poem “Those Before Us,” these final lines: “Pardon them for existing.
  • Remote Stars

    Look up. There’s Bill,
  • Separate Cars

    Just happens is what I fear most. A couple grown insular,
  • Occupation

    As a peeper, some clear night, singing for a star,
  • Becoming Hat

    When in Rockport— with Rockport—
  • Love Talk | On the Way to the Casinos

    What the boy heard his older sister say—
  • The Elms | For the Collection

    Workers were cut; had to be done for . . . corporations