Issue #130 June 2022

Hendrik Kerstens,  “Cosy”

  • Buckley, Levitin, Smith, et. al.

    Christopher Buckley on “Heisenberg’s Principle”: Again the argument of science vs. faith/fate . . . the two main tenents of…

    Editors Note
  • Salgado Maranhão’s “Mythic Ground” translated by Alexis Levitin

    For the living, this is the ground,
  • Ekaterina Derisheva’s “in the ‘war’ mode” and “Houses Discuss” translated by Tatiana Retivov

    while they sort out who helped more
  • The Book of Guests

    They gamboled toward me on the plain—two lambs
  • Genesis and The Anonymous City

    God made the world with his mouth.
  • Lesley Wheeler’s “Poetry’s Possible Worlds” reviewed by Jane Zwart

    In poetry and prose, Lesley Wheeler contends, “the ratio of sound to sense is different.”
    Book Review
  • Fragments of The Sacrificial World

    Porpoises feed every morning in the shallows
  • Football & the English Language

    My first year as high school coach, five points
  • ASH

    I shall go back
  • when it is time

    you pass that bridge
  • Beginning and Whatever Doesn’t Kill Your Mother Makes Her Stronger

    One of the first days my mom’s in the ICU, I try to describe
  • Blue Rim

    Set the table with your heirloom
  • Heisenberg’s Principle

    Look. We’re somewhere
  • Instagram

    What if I was uttered into existence through the teamwork of cultists
  • Done with Desire Forever: Color Music Poems of the 18th Century by Rosalind Holmes Duffy

    Regardless of how much eighteenth-century French poetry you read, you may be unfamiliar with the miniscule canon of verse about color music.
    Essays and Comment

    For this feature, I solicited work from poets I admire that show this kind of psychological transformation and asked each writer to describe it as best they could.
    Featured Selection