Deborah Allbritain

Blue Rim
May 25, 2022 Allbritain Deborah

Blue Rim


Set the table with your heirloom
floral plate. Center a Bosc pear, examine as if it were
the truth expressed as water, as juice. Slice,
noting how if you could
paint, this is where the brush would freeze, assuming the
was too beautiful and the artist lays her
head in her arms knowing that until the
flesh turns, the fruit still begs the tree to
hold it—
as you sometimes wake to feel
the undented
pillow beside you exposed in the blue rim of night-light.
Blank canvas.


Deborah Allbritain’s work appears or is forthcoming in Beloit Poetry Journal, Barrow Street, Ecotone, Thrush Poetry Journal, and Potomac Review. Her poems have been finalists in the Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest, the Wabash Poetry Prize, the Bellingham Prize for Poetry, the Florida Review Editors’ Award, and the Comstock Review Poetry Contest. She received the Patricial Dobler Poetry Prize in 2017.