Issue #132 August 2022

George Shiras III, Untitled c 1900

  • So I Would Move Among These Things: Maya Deren and The Witch’s Cradle by Fox Henry Frazier

    “I am hailed by all the girls as a sure poet,” Maya Deren wrote to her mother as a young undergraduate student.
    Essays and Comment
  • On Muse Found in a Colonized Body, lovemaking, and activism:  Interview with Yesenia Montilla by Mihaela Moscaliuc

    Yesenia Montilla is an Afro-Latina poet & a daughter of immigrants.
    Featured Selection
  • Jane Zwart reviews “Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking” by C.T. Salazar

    One of the great, disorienting pleasures of C.T. Salazar’s first full-length collection of poems is how little level ground it contains.
    Book Review
  • From Pendant que Perceval tombait, by Tania Langlais, translated from French by Jessica Cuello

    you don’t know how to write with lightness
  • Pollock, Friman, Lehmann, et. al.

    James Pollock on “Dryer”: “Dryer” is one of four dozen poems about everyday technology that make up my book Durable…

    Editors Note
  • Snake Church and Patience, with Bees

    I’m Reverend Brody Coots
  • The End

    Whatever is coming is the end, but not really.
  • Shifts and Song for Sally

    Middle school cafeteria duty monitoring ungainly, dour
  • In the Mud Marks Reveal

    another story:
  • Old Man Swimming

    When the Old Man of the Sea shapeshifting on the bottom
  • Movie and Two Little Miners

    When I was ten    they took me into a coal mine
  • The Book of Before All This

    They're retrieving what's retrievable.
  • Dryer

    This seemingly permanent revolution,
  • Judith Beheading Holofernes

    No one ever read the Book of Judith to a slave—
  • Called to Lapse

    And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears
  • The Dog Days of August and Elaine’s Story

    What huge effort to move through