Plume Issue #151 March 2024

Fox, etching by Brian D. Cohen, 4 x 7″, 2018

  • Uncovering What Is Brave: A Remembrance of Brigit Pegeen Kelly by Joy Manesiotis and Maxine Scates

    Brigit Pegeen Kelly lived her life day to day, like most of us do.
    Plume Issue #151 March 2024
  • Writing Internationally: Ian Haight in conversation with Tzveta Sofronieva

    Tzveta Sofronieva is the author of over twenty books, including Multiverse (2020), a collection of new and selected poems written originally in German, Bulgarian, and English.
    Plume Issue #151 March 2024
  • Freeman, Sholl, Aizenberg, et. al.

    Jan Freeman on “Eating the Madeleine”: This poem began percolating when I was walking by a walled-in garden in the…

    Plume Issue #151 March 2024
  • Sarabande’s Another Last Call: poems on addiction and deliverance reviewed by Celeste Lipkes

    One of the most useful things I did during my psychiatry training was attend an open AA meeting.
    Plume Issue #151 March 2024
  • Three Poems

    I dropped a sprig of laurel into your grave
  • Grandpa David Told Me Once of Carpathia, a Place He had Never Been

    His hospital topped
  • Wind, Blue Sky

    I am practicing being
  • Four Poems

    I don’t like it
  • A Brief Portfolio

    “What is truth?” Pilate asked.  Before Jesus could answer Pilate was on his way out the door.
  • Pierantonio on Being Married to Artemisia Gentileschi the Night She Dances the Ballet: War of Beauty War of Love, 1612

    You broke through a bouquet
  • Eating the Madeleine

    I remember the scut of it:
  • The Minefield and Uncanny Daddy

    In the hospital after so strangely
  • Hotline

    The calls came in around the clock. A nunnery in Nova Scotia with a broken clavichord.
  • Piano Epistemology, Apostrophes and Beauty

    I’m pretty sure this piano exists,
  • Dear— and On Misreading a Line by Mario de Andrade

    Scorch splinter shard and itch  Dear glitch
  • Venn Diagrams

    Venn Diagrams   X-rays, muons, ultraviolet radiation— X-rays can diagnose fractures in the skull; muons can map spaces inside the…