Arthur Vogelsang

August 10, 2015 Vogelsang Arthur



Entry was easy
In a building that was made from all buildings,
Put together by my crane.
What about all the other people who knew
Other bldgs.?
Did they enter your huge compound easily?
No, much more easily, they entered
Like a knife through
Butter stuffing a doorway.
Think: an archway filled with butter
And the empty interior behind it:
Then a knife trying to penetrate!
Good job, knife.
A person’s body
Slices through the soft huge hole.
The drama is just beginning, olé!
You expect yourself to have appointments
Which you have and what do you do
About getting into your own bldg. if
The doors and windows are sealed concrete?

Arthur Vogelsang’s recent book is Orbit, in the Pitt Poetry Series for 2016. He has appeared numerous times in The Best American Poetry, The New Yorker, Poetry, The Pushcart Prize, Volt, and Zocalo Public Square. He was co-editor of the Norton anthology The Best Poetry From The American Poetry Review.