Mary Jo Salter

Edna St. Vincent, M.F.A.
January 15, 2012 Salter Mary Jo

Edna St. Vincent, M.F.A.

for Joseph and Carla Harrison


Chic and petite, blind to her destiny

of being hailed upon her death the worst

sometimes-excellent poet in history,

she ran the reading series, and ranked first

in her year despite some issues, namely those

pretentious, creaky sonnets emailed late

for workshop, densely wrought with “thee”s and “thou”s,

Apollo’s “dewy cart,” man’s “frosty fate”…

Her classmates listened, bored, without a clue.

Still, they liked her, partly because she friended

everybody who asked, and fucked them too,

lending them each some notoriety

by blogging through the night how things had ended.

Plus, she knew people at A.W.P.

Mary Jo Salter is an American poet, a co-editor of The Norton Anthology of Poetry and a professor in the Writing Seminars program at Johns Hopkins University.