Floyd Skloot

In Memory
December 12, 2011 Skloot Floyd

In Memory

–November 11, 1961


I remember the night my father died
wind-blown snow raged at my bedroom window.
But now I read online that it was dry
and calm all week. I can still see in slow
motion the way my brother turned his back,
took off his glasses, and cried as he heard
the news over the phone. I see the black
frames flicker with firelight and hear the word
dead for myself as it leaks from his ear,
though now I can see in a photograph
that his frames from those days were clear.
I would even swear that I heard him laugh
then, a hacking sound that I keep inside,
forgotten till the night my brother died.


Floyd Skloot’s recent collections of poetry include Approaching Winter (2015), The Snow’s Music (2008) and The End of Dreams (2006), all from LSU Press, which will publish his ninth collection, Far West, in 2019. His most recent book is a fictional memoir, The Phantom of Thomas Hardy (University of Wisconsin Press, 2016).