Mary Ruefle

Interlude for a Solitary Flute
June 21, 2019 Ruefle Mary

Interlude for A Solitary Flute

What is the age of the couple
of whom there is only one left?
She spoke only a little French,
he spoke a lot.
She was very fond of fruit
and ate it every day.
He liked meat
and that was that.
They both loved
that famous line of
Chinese poetry.
The ambulance stopped
at the wrong house,
losing time.
Here is their house
surrounded by violet clover
and flashing lights.
Who is that weeping,
which one is that,
husband or wife?
Such a high, solitary,
silver note…

Mary Ruefle is an American poet, essayist, and professor. She has published eleven collections of poetry, most recently, My Private Property.