Donald Revell

November 28, 2016 Revell Donald



Elusive, but only sweetened by

Disuse, souls I’d entered once before

Once again trouble the surfaces of life

With their small noises and single color…

Picture the dream before the last dream

Of a troubled night—something like that.


There were no survivors. Afterwards,

I meet them in weak sunlight in a corner

Of urban parkland. Not far away,

There seem to be children emerging

From the waters of an ornamental lake.

Swan-boats lead them off to the horizon.


We are so happy. The sunlight grows weaker.

Reunion shakes the world. Let us speak of it.

Donald Revell is the author of 14 collections of poetry, most recently of Drought-Adapted Vine (2015) and Tantivy (2012), both from Alice James Books. He is Professor of English at the University of Nevada– Las Vegas & Black Mountain Institute.