Rosanna Warren

October 20, 2017 Warren Rosanna


(Turkish coast, January 2016)

Not stone, among stones,
a beach of clunkers sea-smoothed, kidney-
sized, head-sized, chest-sized, and some

small enough to fit in the palm
of the hand. Sea water wrinkles
the lapsing edge. Each stone

clasps a shadow twin. Waves
gentle now, lick stone. Spittle
glare. The ancient, piratical

sea. Not stone, the stiff
curled fingers, creased jacket, small
bare foot, the striped knitted

hat covering the face we
cannot, do not
want to see.




Rosanna Warren teaches at the University of Chicago. She is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Departure (2003) and Ghost in a Red Hat (2011).