Martha Silano

Some Answers
January 23, 2017 Silano Martha

Some Answers


No, I will not change.
I don’t think it’s news.
Neither will you. No,

I haven’t eaten in years,
never loved your quetzal-
feathered pork chops, your shoulder-

blade soup. Like Job said, be-
hold, I am vile. Like we both say,
I know, I know, I know. No, I never

understood your neon bolero,
your light-up rosary, your passion
for meat on the bone. No, you cannot

have my dismantled phone, my junk
drawer soaps, my adapters for devices
that gave way to new and improved.

I’m not in an indigo mood, not
ethereally moving to a sepia tune,
didn’t descend from the People

of the Soaring Wing, the stoic
broom. They get old, the lamp cords,
the tiny plastic drawers crammed

with hinges, hangers, screws.
No, I don’t know how Catholics
put up with all those wounds.

The road is paved with gravel,
sand, what falls to the bottom
of a barrel of crude. Yes,

I’m wearing my skeleton suit.
Yes, I believe what Saint Teresa said:
no hands, no feet but your own.

Martha Silano‘s most recent collection is Gravity Assist (Saturnalia Books, 2019). She is also co-author of The Daily Poet: Day-by-Day Prompts for Your Writing Practice (Two Sylvias Press, 2013). Martha’s work is forthcoming or has recently appeared in Cincinnati Review, Cimarron Review, Copper Nickel, and elsewhere. She teaches at Bellevue College and Seattle’s Hugo House.