Jane Springer

Woo | Red Rover
February 12, 2015 Springer Jane



O life little life little sawdust fleck I thought we’d go on riding hip-to-hip

on the bench seat of Big Blue gassing up at Hoggly Woggly supping

junk food & coke summers so hot cops slept with radars

in their laps in the shadetree crook of Swamp Creek Rd the FM

dialed past gospel to Led Zeppelin Outcast incandescent

from love of country glass flea-market bowl packed crypto blown

seeds out the crank window broke barns & that appaloosa

up to flanks in poppies pulling down side roads to lick-a me suck-a you—


Not this Boko Harem Hamas Komalah Jihad—Vanguard of Conquest

crouched in orobanche whispering mother me tamarind & apricot

crushed in our tire tracks, deluge so the wipers stuck

trying to get the bullets off & refugees teaching us the notes of bazooki

from the flatbed drones we don’t know our asses from our

camel shit hookah we gerryrigged the muffler with by accident

& winter’s brown body is the street sign in this desert where

little life, you suggest we just keep all eyes on the road from now on?



Red Rover


Before the human chain gave

the goal was to get held hard.

Jane Springer is the author of Dear Blackbird, and Murder Ballad. Forthcoming is Moth. Her work’s been featured in The Best American Poetry and Pushcart anthologies, and she’s received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the MacDowell Artist’s Colony, and the Whiting Foundation.