Deborah Bogen

Deborah Bogen’s volumes of poetry include Speak Now This Charm, Jacar Press, In Case of Sudden Free Fall (Jacar Press Poetry Prize), Landscape with Silos (XJ Kennedy Poetry Prize), Let Me Open You a Swan (Antivenom Poetry Prize) and Living by the Children’s Cemetery, (Byline Press Prize). She’s also the author of two middle school novels set in 12 century Britain. Her poems and reviews have appeared widely in the United States, and her poetry is currently being translated by the Chinese translator and poet Ma Yongbo. She lives in Pittsburgh where she balances the poet’s life with grassroots political responsibility, playing music, painting and growing a few things in the garden. You can get Speak Now This Charm at

  • Emanuel’s Elegies: “Something about art/ And its opportunities” by Deborah Bogen

    Emanuel’s Elegies: “Something about art/ And its opportunities” Lynn Emanuel is the author of three books of poems, none of…

    Issue #145 September 2023