Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Little-Known Operas (Four Way Books, 2019) and the forthcoming Willow Hammer (Four Way Books, spring 2025). With his spouse Stephen D. Miller, he translates classical Japanese poetry and drama. He is director of the Poetry Seminar at The Frost Place, Robert Frost’s old homestead in Franconia, NH, now a center for poetry and the arts. More at

  • A Brief Portfolio

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  • Callas Poems

    She whom you seek is not here!
  • Throne Verse

    Two years of cinders built up in the hearth,
  • One and a Half Poems

    Well it began with a microburst from the North when the moon
  • Which Makes Me, I Guess, the Muddy Colorado

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