Barbara Hamby

Barbara Hamby’s sixth book of poems is Bird Odyssey (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018). Poems in that book were first published in The New Yorker, Poetry, American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, and Plume.


  • Girl Talk: How a Sumerian Princess Jumpstarted Poetry by Barbara Hamby

    When I was a girl, I’d fantasize about the lives of biblical women—Queen Esther, Ruth, Jezebel, Bathsheba, the Queen of Sheba, Mary Magdalene.
    Issue #147 November 2023
  • Olympia

    The ancient Greeks knew how to pick out a sacred spot,
  • Ode to Roadside Shrines

    I first see you in Crete, little boxes on four skinny legs,
  • Toshno

    Marina is trying to describe Raskolnikov’s interior state
  • How to Pray

    Falling down on your knees is the easy part, like drinking